Ebook: Double Tap to Unlock Love by Suyash Birje

Have you ever paused for one or two seconds longer than usual when you came across a certain someone’s photograph?

Have you felt the thrill of not clicking the like button while checking out someone’s older pictures?

Have you found yourself staring at your phone screen late at night?

If you have answered with a YES to any of those questions, then this book is for you!

Gone are the days of falling in love at first sight. In 2020, people barely take their eyes off their phones, so falling for someone while crossing the street is just a myth for us millennials!

Gaurav and Meera are two such millennials whose faces light up on seeing a notification on their phone from that special person.

On a routine Friday night, Gaurav double taps on Meera’s photo and drops a DM to start a mesmerising romantic tale. But, a glitch from the past pauses Meera’s fairytale!

Can destiny find a key to unlock love?